A Visit from Saint Mitch

‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all thro’ the land
The Congress was buzzed
‘Bout a gift they had planned.

They wrote up a list
To surprise the whole nation
With financial relief
In a new legislation.

When faced with the bill,
They spluttered and thundered:
You wanted two thousand?
Shut up! Take six hundred!

Then they spoke not a word
But went straight to their work
Of looting the treasury
Like a meth-crazy jerk.

On Marco! On Jodi!
You lying no-brainers!
McConnell! McCarthy!
There were no abstainers.

More pork-barrel stealing!
More swampy revisions!
Let our king pardon all!
This was their decision.

They’d rob from the poor
And find someone to blame
For electoral fraud
And other mad claims.

I gave up and shrugged
And I went back to bed
While visions of Joe Biden
Danced in my head.

Prediction for December 2020

I think there are two plans in place for this dangerous “president.” Either:

  1. He will deliberately do nothing in order to allow the pandemic to worsen, so that he can then declare a national emergency in order to prevent Joe Biden’s inauguration; or,
  2. He will spring a surprise attack on a foreign country, and use the ensuing debacle (and chaos) to declare a national emergency — again, in order to prevent the inauguration. 

“Moscow Mitch” McConnell has probably already agreed to these options, and will use any power that he can wield in the Senate in order to help ensure that the congressional receipt of elector’s vote counts does not take place. Without that acceptance of the votes from states’ electors, the election’s outcome cannot be certified. It’s a nasty end run around the Constitution that would have the effect of disenfranchising most of the US voters.

You doubt me?  These politicians are criminal sleazebags.  They will do anything.

The plan on the right

This is the republican party:

  • They gerrymandered districts to control the House and the states’ legislatures.
  • They set burdensome new rules for voter identification, to prevent poor people from voting.
  • They created new rules to block ex-prisoners from voting.
  • They restricted the times and places of balloting, and now wish to prevent mailed votes from being counted.
  • They now deny the results of a legal election.

Clearly, they do not want anyone but their own base to vote, or they would lose.

On November 9th, republican Lindsey Graham said it clearly: “If republicans […] don’t challenge and change the U.S. election system, there’ll never be another republican president elected again.”

So their plan is clear: They cannot win by the rules, so they have changed the rules.

And they are prepared to change them even more.

Chreezmas Cheeer

Melania Trump was recorded some time ago complaining about decorating the White House for Christmas. With her eternally pouty-faced expression of disdain and her sartorial choices (who can forget that “I really don’t care, do U?” jacket?) the sour spirit beneath her public grimaces has become clear.

Even though many observers have expressed the opinion that she never wanted to be the First Lady, it seems unlikely that the recent election loss will improve her disposition, and I can only wonder what she is going to do about the White House decorations for Thanksgiving and for Christmas. After the Game of Thrones “Red Wedding” theme decor (rows of blood-red evergreens) where can you go? My prediction: All black. Basic Black. All of the trees will be black. Synthetic. Made from coal tar resin. Their lights will be stark — perhaps hard blue UV lights, which kill viruses while simultaneously blinding anyone who dares gaze upon the dark evil majesty of the drumpfian lair.

Well Taken Care Of

According to drumpf during a press conference, the children who were imprisoned in cages at the border were “well taken care of.”

The Accidental Fascist

This week it’s happening all over again. As ever, the man who dreams of being a despot — and who stumbled into the White House almost by accident — is spreading lies and encouraging his friends and followers to spread lies. One set promotes a bizarre paranoid conspiracy that directly accuses Joe Biden of trying to have Seal Team Six murdered; the other promotes Rudy Giuliani’s wild tale about a fictional laptop containing a trove of manufactured e-mails from/to Hunter Biden. The former set of lies was merely a retweet; the latter, a weird and rambling narrative that the NY Post printed and which Facebook and Twitter — along with most news outlets — have refused to publish.

It’s a mystery why anyone would believe the NY Post and Giuliani. All we have is a claim that there exist many files — of unknown origin, with murky provenance and lacking any chain of control over the evidence — brought to a partisan publication by an addled political hack who continues to associate with convicted felons. No one would think this was Hunter Biden’s laptop (he flew from California to Delaware to have a water-damaged laptop repaired?). The most likely scenario is that any “damning” e-mails were fabricated to look legitimate. Even the supposed meeting(s?) that took place (according to the Post) are provably false. The fact that the repair person who claims to have provided the files is so rabidly pro-drumpf speaks volumes.

Conservative pundits claim that the lack of coverage by Facebook and Twitter as a violation of Giuliani’s rights under the First Amendment. But why does a story filled with lies merit widespread media attention? The story contains many obvious falsehoods — and it has the potential to sway an election, even if the media outlets later admit that the story is untrue. It would be stupid, unfair and irresponsible (if not downright negligent) to print those lies.

Moreover, the issue of coverage has nothing to do with the First Amendment. A subscriber cannot require a company to serve as anyone’s mouthpiece — that is, subscribers to Facebook or Twitter are permitted to use those services but have no inherent right to demand that their views be published on the outlets. I have a subscription to Time magazine — a bona fide news organization — but Time is not obligated to meet my demand that they print some column that I wrote.

Why do drumpf’s supporters continue to support him? These people were sold a bogus product by Sinclair and Murdoch. They are too emotionally invested to admit that they backed a horribly ignorant and bigoted psychopathic narcissist. He lacks ethics as much as he lacks basic morals. He’s a fraud. And it is rarely possible to convince anyone that they he/she fell for a con.

White House Green Screen?

There is a rumor that the recent appearance of our “president” in front of the White House was done using a green screen. I doubt this — if drumpf was keyed over rolling video of the White House, it was a very professional job — no fringes (not even around his hair). The underlying ambience does sound like the low rumble of air conditioning, but it COULD be nothing more than the wind.

There is an odd visual disconnect between the lighting on him and the look of the out-of-focus-background. Outside in bright sunlight, a camera’s iris is typically closed down quite a bit, resulting in an increased depth of field (so the distance ends up being more in focus) — but it is possible that they used a neutral-density filter outside, so the iris COULD have been wide open, thereby softening the background.

Overall, I do think this was actually shot outside, mostly because this White House is too amateurish to have gone to the trouble of a well-doctored green screen — and too lazy to go to the trouble of using a fan to blow his hair just to enhance the “hey, he’s outside!” illusion.

Still, he is a crazy bigot — there is no illusion there.

My tweets today (10/9/2020)

Beware the reaction of a cornered animal — the “October surprise” may be billybarr illegally ordering the arrest of Biden and/or Harris.

About the Vice President candidates’ debate (Mike Pence and Kamala Harris):

The debate: Cold lies delivered by a smiling face, a calm demeanor, a smooth voice. Evil wears a cloak of civility. But you cannot fool a fly.
#PenceHarrisDebate #PenceFly

An Ancient Dream

In the early 1980s I had a strange dream in which groups of young suburban men were gathering to re-form the confederacy. In that dream, one of my close friends was standing next to me in a somewhat affluent neighborhood on a warm Summer afternoon; we were watching a tailgate party where the young men were enthusiastically celebrating a kind of neo-secessionist movement.

“I can’t believe they’re stupid enough to do this all over again — didn’t they learn the first time?” my dream-self asked. The tone of my voice suggested that the two of us had been present at the prior secession movement, possibly even willing participants in it. “Some people have to be reminded, I guess,” my friend laughed. But even as he smiled and joked, I could see that he was as worried as I was.

Then I woke up, and it was still 1982 or so, and nothing of the kind seemed as if it would ever be likely.

And yet here we are.

Presidential Briefing on Covid Vaccine

I’m announcing — and this is something I haven’t even told Meolana about yet — announcing that I’m issuing an Executive Order that makes this new vaccine legal immediately, no matter what the FDA says about it. The order makes the vaccine safe, and I hear it will even make you better looking, too, can you believe that, and it is already available to everyone who wants it, so far in the states who might vote for me.


You Can’t Hear If You Don’t Listen

Today, republican party operatives claimed that the Democratic party removed “God” from the Pledge of Allegiance at the DNC convention — but it’s there, in every recording.  Maybe the republican’s didn’t hear “God” because they weren’t listening.  Or maybe the evangelicals just can’t hear “God.”

Maybe it’s like when you’re married, and you don’t hear your spouse because you weren’t paying attention.