He’s Trying to Ruin the Future

In his first international tour, “President” trump managed to send European business deals off to China — and to encourage shutting down the growing, profitable “green manufacturing” industry in the US.

His ignorant NATO address (and a failure to support the all-for-one, one-for-all commitment crucial to the alliance) European firms went out to seek business deals with China.  As if to seal his reputation for boorishness, he closed by rudely shoving one European leader aside in order to make it to the front of the photo lineup.

He returned and announced withdrawal from a nonbinding climate agreement that took 10 years to create, and to which nearly every nation has agreed.  And he didn’t just withdraw; he heaped insults on the other signatories by claiming that they take advantage of the US.

Of course he couldn’t maintain a commitment to NATO or to the Paris Climate accord — he can’t even meet his personal commitments, between multiple affairs and a couple of divorces; and he never meets business commitments, preferring instead to make profits by simply not paying vendors (as anyone who has worked for him knows).

When not busy damaging the United States’ reputation with longstanding strategic allies, while he was out and about he also managed to alienate the Pope and showcase his willingness to tolerate the most intolerant regimes in the middle East — and to demonstrate an astonishing lack of geographic knowledge (he arrived in Israel after a trip to the middle East???).

Tiny hands doing the Devil’s work, I guess.


What Donald Trump Can Teach Us About Political Correctness

This is a masterfully written defense / explanation of what the meaning and value of “politically correct” communication.


I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve heard the phrase “political correctness” used approvingly and without irony. I’ve long since lost track of the number of times I’ve heard it used derisively. I regard it as one of the central ironies of modern politics that it hasn’t been politically correct to be politically correct since the notion first became a household term. This hasn’t stopped people from proudly proclaiming (often to great applause) the brave mantle of ‘Political Incorrectness’. Indeed, countless courageous souls have made sure we all know how little regard they have for political correctness. The near universal disregard for political correctness, as such doesn’t seem to faze its detractors. It pretty well goes without saying that if the subject is political correctness, the correct thing to say is that you’re against it. Do that, and you earn all kinds of points for being…

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il trumpo memoir dictation May 16

 … after speaking with Mr. Erdogan for a few minutes over dinner — and it was a great dinner, really, let me tell you, one of the best ever, the most perfect steak — after a while I realized what he was saying, and it was true, that all of the middle East — and the middle East includes Israel and what was once Palestine, did you know that? — all of it, every bit, used to be owned by Turkey.  So I told him, hey, when this deal is signed, we’re gonna get the Kurds out and we’re gonna make sure the rest of your land is returned to you, from Armenia down to Yemen, ’cause it’s really part of the Ottoman Empire — such a great name, Ottoman, it reminds me of the ottoman in my place in New York, a gold-covered ottoman, really spectacular … wait, someone’s at the door and I think …

An Excellent Summary

I really like this summary — it captures so much of what is wrong with the trump Presidency (and the risks of a Pence rise to power):

No, Sorry, It was not just a bad dream. Donald Trump really ~is~ the President…

A Simple Plan for Chaffetz

I got a great idea, a great idea. We need to leak this stuff out to the press, but I can’t be involved ’cause I’ve been complaining about leaks.  So I’ll get a coupla my boys to get you some documents, then you can tell the press it’s urgent that you report this new stuff directly to me.  That way, I can say I’m vindicated.  You’ll look like a hero.  We’ll claim a whistleblower gave you the information.  Whatever you do, don’t come to the White House to meet these guys, ok? — There are cameras here and you’d have to sign in. Otherwise, you end up the hero, I’m off the hook, and that guy Schiff will look foolish.  What could go wrong?

My Time Magazine Cover

Two weeks ago I came up with an idea I thought would make a great cover for Time magazine.  Unfortunately, I have no way to submit it and they don’t make submissions or inquiries easy.  So here it is anyway.  I liked it too much to let it go.


Vaudeville Shakespeare

The “Obama wiretapped me” fiasco continued last night with the Fox interview that Tucker Carlson held with trump.  It was a cartoonish example of an egotist who simply cannot back down even in the face of logic and facts, even in the presence of his supposed supporters.

What is especially strange about all of this is that trump had the means to de-fuse the situation the day after his original series of tweets.  All he had to do was issue a statement saying, in effect: “I miscommunicated in my messages, and would like to apologize if my statements were interpreted as an accusation of a literal, personally-directed surveillance of my own communications.  I did not mean to impugn President Obama and I still respect him greatly.”

That kind of admission would have calmed down just about everyone and elevated trump’s status from “idiot man-child in need of restraints” to “adolescent who is learning to grow up.”  No time-consuming, distracting Congressional investigations would have been necessary.  No need for public scrutiny of the ongoing intelligence agencies’ explorations of Russian connections and trump associates.  Instead, trump may now have opened a Pandora’s Box in which his cronies’ malfeasance (and possibly his own) could be exposed.

A closer-to-normal person might have taken the opportunity during the Carlson interview — even if he couldn’t bring himself to back down — to say “Do I wish I had said it differently?  Sure. Do I think there’s reason to suspect this?  Yes.  Do I have proof?  No.”  Sadly, even that level of failure to accept responsibility eludes this narcissist.

His lack of self-restraint continues to be his own undoing; it would be a Shakespearian tragedy if it weren’t such a vaudevillian parody.

Microwave Espionage

I couldn’t resist ….


Mind, Boggled

This is in response to the recent tweet in which our current President accused his predecessor of illegal wiretapping.

If I made a defamatory statement about someone — a public or a private individual — I would be required to prove it; I could not just make the insulting statement and then walk away from responsibility with a demand that the police prove it.  And (without proof) I would be in deep trouble.

Or suppose I called the local precinct and claimed that my neighbor robbed me, took my dog, whatever — and demanded that the police search his house.  They would ask me the basis for my accusation — why I thought it was my neighbor, etc. — before they would initiate a request for a search warrant.  They would need “probably cause” — that is, they would insist on some kind of reason.  Like “He was wearing my hat today,” or “I saw him walking my dog this afternoon.”

Now?  Instead of providing a reason for investigating, this insane, paranoid buffoon demands a multimillion dollar Congressional investigation into a crime that there is no reason to believe was ever committed.

And Congress is going along with it.  Is this mind-boggling stupidity, or are they just giving him enough rope to hang himself?

This guy is making a mockery of the Presidency.


The Massacre Of Bowling Green

The Massacre of Bowling Green

[a new folk song lyric by RG — to commemorate a Battle That Never Was]
Draft as of 2/6/2017

Come and list while I sing of brave men and women
Who fight for what the US means.
Let’s always remember that Fake Lives Matter,
And the Massacre of Bowling Green.

It was raining that night,
When the sun was shining bright
And bullets filled the air.
It was clear and it was cloudy,
When — with trumpettes a-blaring —
We kept fighting ‘though no one was there.

It was horrible indeed, when no one fell.
I can still not recall those silent screams
From the thousands and thousands of soldier civilians
Who didn’t die at Bowling Green.

So remember the day (or maybe the night)
And join Kellyann Conway,
As we all recall where we were standing
As the battle rages to this day.

[Watch for the recording by the folk trio The Blameshifters, soon to be released!]